UNESCO promotes tourism development in Zhambyl region

26 March 2019

On 27 February 2019, the UNESCO Almaty Office organized a seminar in Taraz, Kazakhstan, to raise awareness of UNESCO-designated sites in Zhambyl region.

During the meeting, representatives of tourism, culture and education departments of the Akimat of Zhambyl region, managers of UNESCO-designated sites and representatives of local tourism-related organizations and NGOs learnt about Kazakhstan's international commitments related to the conservation and management of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and biosphere reserves, as well as the opportunities these sites offer for local development, including through the promotion of tourism. Five components of a transboundary cultural site (Changan-Tianshan Corridor), as well as part of a transnational natural heritage site (Western Tien-Shan) are located in Zhambyl region.

The discussion during the meeting helped to identify the main challenges and opportunities for tourism development at UNESCO-designated sites in Zhambyl region. Among the main problems identified by the participants, the lack of protection and identification signs at UNESCO sites, the lack of basic infrastructure, including roads, water and toilets, as well as absence of information materials and lack of knowledge were underlined.

At the same time, the participants emphasized the importance of regular capacity building activities for museum staff, tour guides and local administration on the issue of protection and conservation of cultural and natural heritage, as well as development of promotional materials, including those for TV and social media.

The event was organized in the framework of the UNESCO project Promoting sustainable development in Kazakhstan through UNESCO-designated sites supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and implemented in five regions of Kazakhstan. For further information about the project, please contact Ms Natalia Kim, UNESCO Almaty (email: n.kim@unesco.org; tel: +7 727 258 26 43, ext. 1420).


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