The Director-General visits the Issyk-Kul Forum in Kyrgyz Republic

11 June 2004

The Director-General visited Kyrgyzstan from 9 to 12 June 2004 on the occasion of the International Conference “Eurasia in the 21st Century – Dialogue of Cultures or Conflict of Civilizations?”, held in Issyk Kul. After two days of discussions, the Conference, convened at the initiative of President Akaev and the Director-General, adopted the Issyk Kul Declaration

The event will specifically focus on the topics of shared values, cultural diversity and heritage, as well as water and sustainable development. Drawing on the regional and interregional specificities and their future potential, while bearing in mind the impact of overall global developments, the High-Level Conference will seek to strengthen and sustain cooperation between Central Asian and neighbouring countries. The overall aim is to open up new avenues for a policy dialogue and draw lessons from past experiences, while pursuing concrete and practical action in various fields addressed by this dialogue.

A number of eminent personalities and experts have been invited, drawing on national and international policy-making and academic and scientific expertise as well as religious and spiritual leaders.

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