Early Childhood Care and Education

26 January 2003

CD version of the Course or Mektepaldy (Preschool) electronic textbook contains a set of teaching materials. The textbook accumulates didactic, methodic, scientific materials and informational references that trainers use for preparing and conducting lessons and students utilize for self-instruction, preparing for lessons or obtaining the data on units contents.

Through the first and second stages of the republican workshop-training the Mektepaldy electronic textbook contributed to resolution of the following tasks:

  • acquisition of knowledge on syllabus and thematic plan of modules, sequence of lessons and learning logics of tasks;
  • individual review, study or repetition of teaching and methodic materials or information references;
  • on-computer presentation of entire didactic and visual manuals (schemes, pictures, tables, text), including in multimedia mode;
  • print-outs of sample performance plans and methodic elaborations on all units;
  • multiplication of issue materials necessary to perform lessons with students and of other data from Mektepaldy website.

Obviously, CD-ROM version of the Course helped to significantly increase the technological features of teaching and assimilation of new professional knowledge, as compared to traditional forms, methods and means, and may be recommended for broad practice inside Kazakhstans preschool system.

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