How To Get Started And Keep Going: A Guide to Community Multimedia Centres

29 August 2006

UNESCO is now releasing the Russian version of "How To Get Started And Keep Going: A Guide to Community Multimedia Centres."
Written by reputed practitioners and researchers working with community media and ICT for development, the handbook is available in hard copy, CD-ROM and online. The new translations were done by UNESCOs Moscow Office.

The publication is a practical tool intended to be of use to those involved in grassroots communication and information centres and service providers in developing countries, e.g. CMCs or other community-based communication and information facilities: radio, telecentres, libraries, community learning centers, etc.

Staff and managers, community groups, NGOs working for community empowerment, communication planners supporting development activities, trainers and researchers may all find the guide of interest. It will be of particular use to those wanting to start a CMC or a related information centre, as it covers range of topics linked to community broadcasting and telecentre management.

Specific issues, ranging from types of centres to relevant technologies, community involvement, developing training and skills, organizational matters, research and evaluation, sustainability and sourcing information and contents are dealt with in eleven chapters. The guide contains numerous illustrations, practical examples and case studies from operational CMCs, telecentres and community radio stations, which makes it a user-friendly reference. The guide is available now in English, French, Russian and Spanish.

This book is a complementary resource to the Multimedia Training Kit (MMTK), a suite of workshop-ready, open-access training materials developed by the ItrainOnline partnership available at

The guide also contains an annex on the eNRICH software solution, which allows local community ICT centres to organise and animate information and knowledge resources and share content locally and with other centres. Using the software, community ICT and media centres can quickly and efficiently build their own digital library and provide local users with a gateway to a range of local and global information content.

Open eNRICH 4.0, the latest version, is an open source project of UNESCO, the National Informatics Centre of the Government of India and One World International Foundation. Version 4.1 is planned for release in 2007. More information and a downloadable version of the software is available at
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